The Beginning

Bethany Marriott

     Well I have finally done it! Broken free of Etsy and started on my own. I have nothing but good things to say about Etsy, they have been my home for 10 years and they gave me the following and confidence that I needed to strike out on my own. Here is a little bit about me...

     My name is Bethany Marriott. I turned 40 back in February, and I live in West Texas in a city called Lubbock. I love it here, but I guess this is technically not my home town. Until I was 28, I lived in the area of Brattleboro, VT. I met Paul - who is now my husband - online playing a game we were both rather obsessed with called Omerta. We fell in love almost right away, and when we were both ready to admit it we made plans for me to join him here in West Texas. I love it here. Although I do miss my family, I do not regret moving here at all.

     We live with our 4 furbabies. A miniature poodle named Emily. A shih tzu named Zoe. A gorgeous black tabby (half persian) with four double paws, her name is Bo. And the newest member of our family, a beautiful all white kitten named Abraham Normal - Abe for short. Up until a short time ago we also had my handsome big orange cat named Oopsa Daisy. Unfortunately he crossed the rainbow bridge about 6 months ago. I still cry over it from time to time, he was my baby. I got him when he was about 3 weeks old and fed him formula from a spoon. I called him my handsome fat man - 22 pounds! - and when he died I crumbled. A little while later my sister surprised me with Abe. Although he does not replace Oopsa, nothing ever could, he has made a wonderful addition to our family.

Abraham Normal


Zoe and Emily

Zoe and Emily



My handsome little fat man, Oopsa Daisy. RIP my boy.

     A little while after I moved here I started making jewelry "for real". Paul was so supportive and encouraged me to try my hand at starting a business. At first I made primarily beaded jewelry. I actually started with brick stitch earrings. I loved them because they made me think of my mother. When I was young, I remember that whenever she came across brick stitch earrings she would buy them. I always wanted to make them for her but I didn't think I could. So one day I sat down and made myself try it out. It didn't take me long to get the basics down and from there I was a beading fool! I strayed from my original love of seed beading and dabbled into many different aspects of beading. A few years ago I discovered that I loved making guitar pick jewelry!! That is now the majority of my product line, although recently I have started adding brick stitch back in.

     So that is just a small window into my life. I will be using my blog for a few things. Of course to just chit chat, but also to share some of my favorite recipes and hopefully get recipes from you all as well as to share news about my shop and bring you discounts, giveaways and other fun things! So thank you for sticking it out this far. I hope to get lots of comments from readers as to what you would like to see. Let's do this! ;)

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